AD FLAT was developed to consider construction site and its surrounding environment. Now, this product is the most beautiful temporary enclosures available in the market place. Ad FLAT has been proven to be the most versatile products based on our previous experiences and has exceeded the features of past sheet steel products.

[PDF] ADFLAT Catalog(Japanese version)

Cycle Gate

Cycle Gate is an environmental and ecology conscious product to meet future Zero-waste society. Cycle Gate can support corporate activities for the environmental conservation correspondence with excellent functions and environmentally friendly consideration.

[PDF] CYCLE GATE Catalog(Japanese version)

Net Sheet

Net sheet is available to meet the various needs such as safety net, soundproof sheet curing sheet. We have different sizes and enough quantity to meet from a small space to large space.

Soundproof Panel

Soundproof panel has been developed with two purposes in mind. These are secured safety and comfort in urban environment. This panel is the highest standard to solve the sound problem with the test results which exceeded the standard of Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association. It has gained highest reliability by our customers.

[PDF] Soundproof Panel Catalog(Japanese version)


Our timbering system uses aluminum for strength and lightness. Many optional items made it possible to set up the system. Thanks to these features, both materials and complicated labor operation are reduced, which makes it possible to improve operational productivity with less manpower.

[PDF] Supporting System Catalog(Japanese version)

Unit house

Work house is a latest developed unit house intended for construction and event sites. This unit house has functions of beauty, functionality and habitability with partition recycle system considering for environmental protection. You can make your own lay-out for not only semi-detached and two-story but also for the positions of window, doors, ventilating fan. Using options, you can make toilet, shower, kitchen, locker room, partitions to become sanitary only room.

[PDF] Unit House Catalog(Japanese version)

Wrappon, auto-wrapping(tear-and-seal) portable toilet

This is a revolutionary and innovative toilet without using water. Every time you defecate, it automatically wraps to keep smell inside so it is very hygienic. During disaster, you can use the designated battery and DC cable to connect with a vehicle. For care market, this toilet can reduce burdens for both care person and his/her family member.

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Ocean river pollution protection film

Silt protector varies depending on installation requirement and construction content. In other words, the plan is based on the thorough research of marine data and weather. Silt protector is a good combination of human wisdom and high technology. We recommend to use Silt protector for various types of marine plan.